As my course Facilitating Online Learning finishes up, I share my reflections:

What do I want to accomplish?
The title of this course is exactly what I would like to accomplish: “facilitate online learning.” I believe that a blended approach for learners new to online learning gives confidence to use their computing skills. Once learners feel more confident about working on their own and with technology, I hope to be able to guide learners to their own journey in online learning through guided discovery.

How will I accomplish this?
This course has been a reaffirmation of what I am doing. As a professor in a public university in Mexico, there is little moral support for online learning, and most of my colleagues still stand and deliver. Learners today have different needs than before with their access to the immediate world of technology and therefore want to learn in different ways. We, as educators, need to address their needs.

Without turning my own courses into fully online experiences, I have been peppering some of my courses with online activities which have been met with mixed reactions. Those who already actively use technology love the possibilities. Those who are resistant to using technology continue resisting. In EFL courses, learners either love or feel fear when confronted with speaking in Web 2.0 applications.

I plan to continue introducing online opportunities and autonomous learning possibilities so that more people can acquire experience and share knowledge according to their needs and interests through blended learning situations to avoid overwhelming my learners. Using Web 2.0 tools will be part of the journey and I plan to explore the possibilities in Second Life.

Whom do I ask to accompany me on the journey after the course?

Through this marvelous course, many more people have become a part of my PLN, and I hope to ‘see’ them often in the future through tweets, blogs, and online courses, as well as in Second Life. I would like to have enough time to visit each and every participants’ projects. However, as they say, there is more time than life, so I will do what I can to stay connected with these forward-thinking educators.

What technology am I going to use for my reflective practice so I can publish it on the Internet?

I am going to continue to use blogs as a way of sharing my reflection for the moment and Twitter to share my blogging.

I recently created this new blog where I am in process of growing along with other professionals. I hope to use it for sharing on a large scale. The blog serves to get my thoughts out of my head and onto the page. I plan to practice converting these thoughts out fo this verbal form into something more visual, such as Prezi.