There are several paths you may follow to create a blog. One is to jump right in without knowing where you are. The other is to acquire a sense of placement to understand your abilities in this new element.

The first question is: do you know what Web 2.0 is? Sometimes we can create our artifacts without knowing where they lie in the framework of where we are working.

Develop a broader sense of what a blog does and how you can become part of Web 2.0. Jump into this Moodle class. In order to sign up follow these instructions to get background, use Web 2.0 tools and create your own blog.

Enrollment for class

Create an Account or use your previous account
Wait for Email Confirmation
Click on link in email – gets you into base site
Then give my link
Give Password to the course TKTisactive
Click enroll me
enter as a user and enter your own name and password.