the next artifact you will collect will help your students read, write, listen and speak while working on the Internet.
You may see examples of student artifacts at

Here is an example of an activity which was done with beginning EFL students (first semester)

Fotobabble Family Festival
Put your talking photo here in a comment to this post. Talk about your family.
What are their names?
What do they do?
How old are they?

1. Choose the photo you want to talk about.
2. Register with Fotobabble.
3. Upload the photo to Fotobabble.
3. Record information about the people in your picture. One minute talking time.
4. Save your fotobabble.
5. Click on the Internet address and send a comment to this post so we can see your photo and listen to the information.

Click here for Fotobabble Instructions in Spanish
Click here for a tutorial in Spanish from youtube.

If you would like to see a PowerPoint presented during the February meeting, then go to this Google Presentation