So, what is next? We have been working with artifacts that students can produce speaking. What about writing?

Normal teacher responses to writing:
Ugh, I can’t bear the thought of correcting all those essays.
It’s too much work.
Are you crazy? I have too many students!
They don’t need to write for the TOEFL exam, so I skip over the writing activities in the unit.

Get the picture?

Here is the plan:
1. Finish creating artifacts using Voicethread and Fotobabble.
2. Jump into writing by accessing this writing…online
3. Follow the steps in the Powerpoint. Explore the different writing tools.
4. Find two that you like and create a lesson plan with them.
5. Upload the lesson to your blog.

Remember, 2+2=1
Two sites combined, during two months equals one great project.